Thoughts of an LRP photographer

December 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As a photographer I'm usually a vaguely silent observer at LRP events, but that doesn't mean that I don't take in what happens and how the event progresses.

I occasionally have ideas that riff of other game concepts and sometimes look at how to adjust how a game might be played.

One of the first such games that I conceived was NATO Vs Warsaw Pact. One of the core concepts was that you couldn't just stab you enemies in the face until you won by default. In a cold war environment, indiscriminate killing would result is everyone having an incandescent glow in short order.

A system that I particularly enjoyed photographing recently was called Zapp Fest. It was a game that revolved around the cast of a Sci-Fi B-Movie and the characters that they played. There was an awesome interplay between the screen personas and their their actors/actresses. 

LRP has a significant cinematic feel, one of the most frequent comments made about LRP photos is "That looks like a still from a movie!" and photographers have started cropping their shots ever wider to accommodate that perception. I have myself recently gone as far a using a cinema projector lens to replicate some of the techniques used by cinematographers to get wider aspect ratio images.

In response to someone recently posting about having access to a 1870s period hotel I had the idea of running a multi-genre Zapp Fest.

I would love to see a game where a venue has agreed to simultaneously host 3 film crews that were shooting completely different films with a shared green room for the cast. Western Horror meets 1920s socialites meets prohibition gangsters.

If anyone fancies running such a game I would be interested in shooting it and may even be tempted to play.

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